My Current Planner Setup and Aideen*s Giveaway

Hello Lovelies!
Today I wanted to share how I setup my Personal Large Mint Kikki K Planner.  This is my first time ever owning such an expensive planner.  Before I thought about investing in a binder clip planner, I dedicatedly used my 2015 Target planner for an entire year to make sure I would use it.  For Christmas Alfredo was so nice and got me the mint Kikki K planner, or as my boyfriend calls it, "kit kit kitty planner," lol.  Thank you again Chinchilla, you are such a sweetheart. 
My planner is dedicated to my hobbies and date night because for the most part my day is quite routine except for my free time.  I stayed away from the typical weekly spread and focused on projects I want to work on, possible date ideas, incoming/outgoing mail, and roughly when I want to complete said things.  :) Then I have the freedom to quickly pick and choose what I want depending on my mood. 
Here is a glimpse of my newly setup hobby planner before I filled it with all my messy handwriting.  

The inside is very girly.  I created my own dividers using the original as templates.  In the pocket area for quick access: Target flags and sticky notepad.  (I*m not impressed with the adhesive of the products.)
The intro to my calendar. 
My very busy social life, lol. 
Intro to my YouTube channel section
I used the original sheets that came with my planner and covered the area that said meetings. 
I also included some sewn notepad sheets for quick notes.
My incoming and outgoing mail section.
The one thing I love about binder clip planners is their versatility and their ability to evolve with you.  I also enjoy the fact that I don*t have to repurchase a new planner next year, yay!
With that being said, my friend Aideen is giving away a beautiful Color Crush planner this month on her crafty YouTube Channel: "Aideen Fallon."  It is easy to enter.  You need to be subscribed to her YouTube channel and comment on the giveaway video.  :)