Monday, May 25, 2015

Nothing Beats a Giant Pink Camera

Hello Lovelies!

Today has been such a beautiful day filled with sunshine and productivity.  Yay!  I*m so excited that I finally decided to start this painting, its only been 6 months since I wanted to paint it, lol.  It*s a little in your face and bold, but that*s what I love about it so far.  Just to let you know I*m a novice when it comes to painting.  I know the shading and dimensions are off, but I*m perfectly fine with that.  When it*s done I*m going to proudly display my giant pink camera in my kitchen.  :)

I*m determined to finish this baby!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easy Flower Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!  I*m back with one of my favorite handmade embellishments, flowers.  They are so easy and fun to create.  All you need is paper, glue gun, and a flower punch with defined petals. 
My punch is made by fiskars.  I choose the smallest punch version because I wanted tiny flowers.  I think I paid around $5 for my punch.  Hobby Lobby, JoAnn-Fabric, and Michaels have a great selection of punches varying in price.  Don*t forget to use a coupon from their website at checkout.  :) 
Flower embellishments are perfect addition to your crafty arsenal.  I enjoy adding them to scrapbook layouts and pen pal letters.  Get creative with your flowers.  Try using patterned paper, ink the edges of the petals, or add glitter for variation.  Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  Until next time, Hugs!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello Lovelies!
Another nasty day in the states, cold and gloomy.  I don*t know about you, days like this cause me to feel lethargic.  Then I told myself, "NO it*s a mental thing, you*re perfectly fine."  Then my bf starts yawning... nice...  Just another thing to battle, lol.  But for real, I*m fine, a Frappuccino would be great though.
Anyway, reverting back to the topic I wanted to touch on...SCRAPBOOKING!  I could go on and on about it, but for now I thought I*d share a glimpse of some of my pastel layouts.  Awww... the memories, some great and some literally painful.  Take for example, the first layout.  My bf and I rocked our 1st outing, 2-3 hours worth of rocking.  Just a note, NEVER DO THAT ON YOUR FIRST OUTING, JUST DON*T DO IT!  Lets just say I felt the burn for almost a week, especially in my bum.  
For now, I*m going to leave you with my little story and noteworthy advice.  Hopefully some of my layouts inspire you.  Until next time, Hugs!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cotton Candy Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
Wanted to share this crafty creation perfect for invitations, decorations, parties, and snail mail.  It is totally up to you, the possibilities are endless.  I used this tutorial for an embellishment for my summer themed pen pal letter and added a little message to the backside.  Please leave a comment, I always enjoy reading them. 
Hello Lovelies!

Today is such a gloomy day where I live.  Rain, rain, and more rain. boo...  I don*t mind a little sprinkle, but it*s pretty bad when you have to turn on a light during the day because of the lack of sunshine.  To brighten my day and maybe yours, I decided to share my summer theme letter I just finished to one of my sweet pen pals across the world.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  This baby is packed full of character and goodies, just the way I like it.  :) 

The majority of this pen pal book is created from one of my all time favorite paper lines: Good Day Sunshine by Simple Stories.  The best part of this paper pad is that Hobby Lobby carries it.  Yay!  It retails at $19.99,  don*t forget the weekly 40% coupon.  The grand total: $12 plus tax.  I think that*s an amazing price for such versatile paper.  Oh... by the way... Hobby Lobby has new washi tape in.  I picked up the cutest deer silhouette and gold foil triangle washi.  LOVE Love love...

I got a little side tracked, washi will do that to a person, lol.  Anyway, this is my pen pal letter in all its glory.  If you would like to know how I made it step by step, I*m in the process of editing a tutorial for my youtube channel.  I would love for you to check it out.  :)   Thank you for stopping, please leave a comment I enjoy reading them. 

Hugs, Meg!

p.1 with a side pocket, p.2 mini hello flip card

p.3 scalloped edge, p.4 pop corn bag filled with goodies
DIY cotton candy embellishment (tutorial on my youtube channel) p.5 flip up card