How to make a Memorydex Tray and Cards

Hello Lovelies! 
I finally decided I would create some projects that have been on my creative wish list.  Memorydex cards were at the top of my list.  To my dismay all my favorite crafty stores stopped carrying Heidi Swapp's Memorydex supplies.  I was incredibly disappointed and didn't want to wait for an online order... I can be incredibly impatient.  :p  So I was determined to make my own and I'm glad I did because it is completely customizable, yay! 

This particular tray measures 4.5"x7" and is all decked out for Halloween.  :)  I'm all about Halloween and fall right now.  Lol, you probably know that if you follow my instagram (@littlehottamale).  If Halloween isn't your thing, use different colors. 
Tutorial Time
I also created a video tutorial, but I wanted to include additional information with photos and measurements because we all learn differently.  :)

To start off you will need a piece of poster board that measures 10.5"x13" you will most likely need to trim your poster to this size. 
Score your poster at:
Rotate poster and score at:

If you look at your score lines you will notice each corner consists of 4 mini squares.  You will need to cut the three outer mini squares off of each corner.  You will be left with one mini square on each corner.  Cut a small angle/sliver off the vertical sides, please reference the photo below. 
Now it's time to assemble our tray, yay!  To make it easier I created a video tutorial on how to fold the tray and assemble it.  I also provided photos down below just in case you didn't catch certain measurements in the video.  :) 


How to make a memorydex cards

There are two ways I like to make the base of my memorydex cards, I either use my cinch or standard hole punch.  The size of the paper should have a width of 4" or less.  I make my cards in a variety of sizes because it looks more playful and interesting in the tray.  I also don't have to worry about if all the cards are exactly the same size, especially if I swap cards with someone.  :) 

First I'm going to cover how to use a standard hole punch because it is the most handy.  I use the template shown above and place it on top of the piece of paper that I want to turn into a memorydex card.  It is IMPORTANT that the smaller side (.25") is on the bottom, somewhat centered, and both pieces of paper have their bottom edges lined up.  After you punch the holes cut a little rectangle under the punched circle.  Now your card is ready to snap into your tray. 

Memorydex cards with a Cinch

My other favorite tool to punch holes is my cinch.  The ruler on the cinch is justified all the way to the right, pegs 3 and 5 are used.  I like to use a piece of paper that measures 4" across as a guide, especially for smaller cards (pocket letter size).  I try and center my memorydex card on the guide paper; of course you don't have to have your card centered, just make sure your card doesn't exceed the guide paper because it won't fit your tray.  After your happy with your card placement it's time to punch your holes.  Then cut a mini rectangle under each punched circle, this allows you to snap your cards into the tray. 

Thank you so much for checking out my little tutorial.  :)  If you have any questions please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.  

I hope you have a ton of fun creating your own memorydex cards.  Get creative with it.  Try different shapes and paper, for example pumpkins for fall and shaker cards.  :D   

Big Hugs,