Pizza Special - Gina's Pizza Box for NSD

Hello Lovelies!!!  I am so thrilled to share this adorable mini pizza box Gina (@la_vetrina_delle_idee) on the LHTCS created.  It is perfect to set out on display, use as gift box, or my personal favorite a memory box.  You can easily create a fun mini book highlighting special memories and keep it safe inside the super cute pizza box.  :D  I haven't made one yet, but I'm so excited to try it out during NSD. 
Measurements in cm:
Cut Cardstock to 19cm x 29.7cm
Score vertical lines at: 2cm, 4cm, 15cm, 17cm
Score horizontal lines at: 2cm, 13cm, 15cm, 26cm, 28cm

Measurements for inches: 

Cut sections marked with an X.  The smaller squares without an X, taper the edges slightly (cut a small diagonal on both sides), it makes it easier to assemble the box.

Ok, now it's time to crease the folds and use double sided tape.  Gina used Sticky Thumb or a version of Terrifically Tacky Tape. The tape will be placed on the bottom half of the box.  Take note which side of the flap the tape is placed on.  Small tabs (tapered squares) the tape is on the side facing the table.  The larger sections the tape is face up. 

Now it's time to fold our nifty box.  First adhere the mini tabs to the larger vertical section without tape (it's in between the large square and the vertical section with tape).  Then you are going to fold the vertical section with tape down inside in the box to make the side sturdy and hide where you attached the mini tab. 

There you go, you very own pizza box ready to decorate.  :D