Little Hot Tamale Creative Squad Call

Hello Lovelies!  Are you passionate about releasing your creative side?  Do you get excited about sharing your projects in beautiful photos to inspire and meet others in the crafting community.  If this sounds like you, that is fantastic because I would love to have a few fabulous individuals to join the "Little Hot Tamale Creative Squad."  Yay! 

I*m looking for a variety of crafters from all crafting backgrounds that can use Little Hot Tamale products in fun ways that inspire others.  I believe crafting is more than just a hobby, it is your "special YOU time" used to express yourself and unwind.  I would love to have members that are interested in scrapbooking, snail mail, planning, and journaling.  I don*t expect anyone to fit all the categories or have a similar style as me.  That is the beauty of creating, everyone has their own style.  :) 

  • Printer - to print your FREE Little Hot Tamale collections
  • Photography Skills - take pretty pictures to showcase your projects
  • Social Media Presence - be active on some form of social media 
  • Use Little Hot Tamale products on your LHT Creative Squad projects
  • Able to meet deadlines that we decide on together
  • Share you projects on your social media and mention what collection you used
LHT Perks:
  • Receive the latest LHT digital collection free
  • Projects will be featured on the LHT blog, facebook page, or instagram
  • Be apart of the private Little Hot Tamale Squad group, FUN! 
How to apply:
Submit information to
Subject Line: LHTCreativeSquad
  • Name
  • What do you enjoy creating (scrapbook layouts, snail mail, planning, etc)
  • links to your social media
  • Tell me something you are excited about this year?  Doesn*t have to be crafting releated.
  • 2 or 3 pictures of a project or projects you enjoyed making :)
Applications are due by January 23, 2017

Thank you for considering applying to the "Little Hot Tamale Creative Squad."   I hope you have an amazing day.