Saturday, September 9, 2017

How to make a Memorydex Tray and Cards

Hello Lovelies! 
I finally decided I would create some projects that have been on my creative wish list.  Memorydex cards were at the top of my list.  To my dismay all my favorite crafty stores stopped carrying Heidi Swapp's Memorydex supplies.  I was incredibly disappointed and didn't want to wait for an online order... I can be incredibly impatient.  :p  So I was determined to make my own and I'm glad I did because it is completely customizable, yay! 

This particular tray measures 4.5"x7" and is all decked out for Halloween.  :)  I'm all about Halloween and fall right now.  Lol, you probably know that if you follow my instagram (@littlehottamale).  If Halloween isn't your thing, use different colors. 
Tutorial Time
I also created a video tutorial, but I wanted to include additional information with photos and measurements because we all learn differently.  :)

To start off you will need a piece of poster board that measures 10.5"x13" you will most likely need to trim your poster to this size. 
Score your poster at:
Rotate poster and score at:

If you look at your score lines you will notice each corner consists of 4 mini squares.  You will need to cut the three outer mini squares off of each corner.  You will be left with one mini square on each corner.  Cut a small angle/sliver off the vertical sides, please reference the photo below. 
Now it's time to assemble our tray, yay!  To make it easier I created a video tutorial on how to fold the tray and assemble it.  I also provided photos down below just in case you didn't catch certain measurements in the video.  :) 
How to make a memorydex cards
There are two ways I like to make the base of my memorydex cards, I either use my cinch or standard hole punch.  The size of the paper should have a width of 4" or less.  I make my cards in a variety of sizes because it looks more playful and interesting in the tray.  I also don't have to worry about if all the cards are exactly the same size, especially if I swap cards with someone.  :) 
First I'm going to cover how to use a standard hole punch because it is the most handy.  I use the template shown above and place it on top of the piece of paper that I want to turn into a memorydex card.  It is IMPORTANT that the smaller side (.25") is on the bottom, somewhat centered, and both pieces of paper have their bottom edges lined up.  After you punch the holes cut a little rectangle under the punched circle.  Now your card is ready to snap into your tray. 
Memorydex cards with a Cinch
My other favorite tool to punch holes is my cinch.  The ruler on the cinch is justified all the way to the right, pegs 3 and 5 are used.  I like to use a piece of paper that measures 4" across as a guide, especially for smaller cards (pocket letter size).  I try and center my memorydex card on the guide paper; of course you don't have to have your card centered, just make sure your card doesn't exceed the guide paper because it won't fit your tray.  After your happy with your card placement it's time to punch your holes.  Then cut a mini rectangle under each punched circle, this allows you to snap your cards into the tray. 

Thank you so much for checking out my little tutorial.  :)  If you have any questions please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.  
I hope you have a ton of fun creating your own memorydex cards.  Get creative with it.  Try different shapes and paper, for example pumpkins for fall and shaker cards.  :D   
Big Hugs,

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Explode with Joy! - Exploding Box with Becky

Hello again!  It's Becky, and I'm so excited to show you my latest happy mail obsession: "exploding" boxes.  If you follow me on Instagram (@becky_sher), this is no surprise to you -- I've shared several of them recently, and there's no end in sight.
But I think the one I'm sharing today might be my very favorite so far.  I used some of the embellishments from Megan's collections, and they were the perfect addition to this little birthday box.  Before I tell you about how I decorated it, though, let me start with the reasons that I love this little style of happy mail.
1. It looks fancy, but it's super-easy.  (Which is my favorite kind of craft project!)  The outer box is made from one piece of 12x12 paper, the inner piece is 9x9 and the lid is a 6.25-inch square.  But the inside can be decorated with all those little paper scraps and embellishments you have lying around, so it's a good stash-buster. 
2. It's got lots of little spaces to decorate.  I'm intimidated by flipbooks with huge pages to decorate.  I prefer lots of small areas, which is why I love pocket letters.  These boxes are the same way: Lots of little flaps to decorate, which also means lots of fun for the recipient!
3. It feels like a gift.  There's something about 3-dimensional projects that just feel more substantial, so these boxes make great gifts.  Plus, there's enough room in the center for a small trinket, like a piece of candy or a jar of lip gloss. 
If you'd like to see how these boxes are put together, check out this tutorial form my friend and pen pal Kira (@kira.gets.crafty) on her YouTube channel, Create Craft Repeat:  She's got all the details and measurements, so go check it out.
This little box is a gift for a little friend who is turning 9 next week.  She is one my daughter's best friends, and she often comes over to craft with me.  So I knew she would appreciate a box like this.  I intended to fill it with more stickers and crafty bits, but I was having so much fun decorating the flaps that I didn't leave a lot of space for treats!  I did include a small envelope with a birthday note, and I tied an enamel pin to the top of the box. 
I used two of Megan's collections for this project -- Winter Wishes and Sweet Life.  While both were released as holiday collections, there are so many elements in each that are great for everyday crafting.  And Sweet Life especially is perfect for birthdays with its balloons, cupcakes and other sweet treats.  I mixed the embellishments from the collections with a  paper pad that I already had ("Confetti" by DCWV form Michael's) -- they were a perfect match.
I will be giving this to my little friend in person, but if you're this to a pen pal, it fits perfectly in a 6x6x6 cardboard box.  You can often find them in the mailing supplies section at the post office or at a store like Staples or Target.  Once I realized how much I love making them, I bought a pack of 12 cardboard boxes on Amazon.  I fill the box with crinkle paper and nestle my project inside.  Unles you've added a lot of extra goodies it still light enough to be sent by first-class mail. 
I hope you'll give this little box a try -- I promise you won't regret it!


Pizza Special - Gina's Pizza Box for NSD

Hello Lovelies!!!  I am so thrilled to share this adorable mini pizza box Gina (@la_vetrina_delle_idee) on the LHTCS created.  It is perfect to set out on display, use as gift box, or my personal favorite a memory box.  You can easily create a fun mini book highlighting special memories and keep it safe inside the super cute pizza box.  :D  I haven't made one yet, but I'm so excited to try it out during NSD. 
Measurements in cm:
Cut Cardstock to 19cm x 29.7cm
Score vertical lines at: 2cm, 4cm, 15cm, 17cm
Score horizontal lines at: 2cm, 13cm, 15cm, 26cm, 28cm

Measurements for inches: 

Cut sections marked with an X.  The smaller squares without an X, taper the edges slightly (cut a small diagonal on both sides), it makes it easier to assemble the box.

Ok, now it's time to crease the folds and use double sided tape.  Gina used Sticky Thumb or a version of Terrifically Tacky Tape. The tape will be placed on the bottom half of the box.  Take note which side of the flap the tape is placed on.  Small tabs (tapered squares) the tape is on the side facing the table.  The larger sections the tape is face up. 

Now it's time to fold our nifty box.  First adhere the mini tabs to the larger vertical section without tape (it's in between the large square and the vertical section with tape).  Then you are going to fold the vertical section with tape down inside in the box to make the side sturdy and hide where you attached the mini tab. 

There you go, you very own pizza box ready to decorate.  :D


#LHTsketch 2, National Scrapbooking Day Special Challenge

Hello Lovelies!
Happy National Scrapping Day!!!
Today we are going to start off the festivities with a super fabulous sketch created by the wonderful Gina Vingiani on the LHTCS.  I LOVE this sketch because it so versatile. 

If you are not familiar with sketches let me share the details.  It*s not difficult, I promise.  :)  A sketch is an outline or draft to help inspire you to create a scrapbook layout.  Sketches are awesome because they help you use your supplies in fun and creative ways.  I especially enjoy sketches because they add interesting layouts to my scrapbook.

How to Play:
Create a layout inspired by LHT sketch and post your project on instagram or the "Little Hot Tamale and Friends" Facebook group.  Don*t forget to use the hashtag #littlehottamale, it is important to note that if your instagram profile is set to private I won*t be able to view it.  If you still want to play along just send me a private message (@littlehottamale) on instagram with your layout.  :) 

You have all weekend to enter the National Scrapbooking Day sketch challenge.  The winner will be chosen Monday for a LHT collection of their choice.  At the end of the month there will be another winner chosen for the monthly challenge.  Yay, two chances to win! 
Inspiration Layouts

Gina Vingiani

Virginia Villasenor

Jessica Huffman
I'm A Cool Mom

Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall


Monday, April 3, 2017

#LHTsketch March Winner!

Hello Lovelies!
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that participated in the first #LHTsketch.  I loved looking at all the beautiful layouts.  <3
The winner chosen randomly for March is @craftymaria
Maria I will contact you on instagram about the digital Little Hot Tamale collection you won. :D

More awesome layouts inspired by the March sketch :)





Tami Norris

The April sketch will be revealed soon.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

We Love Summer Scrapbook Layout- FREE Cut File

Written by Megan A. Marshall

Hello Lovelies!
I hope everyone is having an awesome day.  This week I worked on my first layout using my cricut.  Lol, my first cutting experience wasn't the greatest.  Yeah... I'm still not 100% satisfied with my cutting machine, hopefully it will change once I have more experience with it. 
I've been wanting to make a layout like this forever.  As you may know I'm horrible with an x-acto knife, so I had to wait until I bought a cutting machine.  I'm absolutely thrilled how it turned out.  Lol, next time I will pick and choose which triangles I want with special pattern paper.  For the rest of the layout I will back with ONE piece of pattern paper (8.5"x11).  It will be a much faster process and I think it will be just as cute. 

I used white butterflies in various sizes starting from the bottom left to the upper right.  This helps give the layout motion.  Your eyes start on the bold picture and works its way down the butterfly path to the journaling portion of the layout. 

I LOVE using my vintage typewriter for my journaling, especially on a layout with a busy background.  It helps it stand out and it keeps a cohesive look in my scrapbook.  Sometimes I add additional journaling on the back of my layouts in my own handwriting.  If I'm really in the mood to write, I might add a little tidbit about the day I created the layout. 
 Lol, Pok√©mon Go was a big thing summer 2016.  Alfredo and I went on a ton walks hunting, but this particular day we went on one of the hottest days of summer.  :p

If you enjoy tutorials and free goodies please check out my
YouTube Channel:
 Free Cut File:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LHTsketch and Giveaway

Written by Megan A. Marshall

Hello Lovelies!!!
Oh my goodness, I am absolutely thrilled to announce our very first LHTsketch challenge.  If you are not familiar with sketches let me share the details.  It*s not difficult, I promise.  :)  A sketch is an outline or draft to help inspire you to create a scrapbook layout.  Sketches are awesome because they help you use your supplies in fun and creative ways.  I especially enjoy sketches because they add interesting layouts to my scrapbook. 


Ok, so I*m going to walk you through our first sketch.  Everything on the sketch is a guideline, put your own spin on it.  So if you are not feeling the giant star, just switch it out for another embellishment.  Maybe you don*t have arrows in your stash, substitute it for something else.  If you have two smaller photos, place them next to each other.  You can also rotate the layout to accommodate portrait photos.   It*s your layout, make it your own.  <3

How to play

Starting the first of every month there will be a new sketch and the challenge will end three days before the end of the month, March 1-29 for this month.  Create a layout inspired by the LHTsketch and post your creation on instagram with the hashtag, #LHTsketch.  If you don*t have instagram you can play along in the "Little Hot Tamale and Friends Facebook group:
On March 31, some of the layouts will be chosen to be featured on the Little Hot Tamale blog, and one layout RANDOMLY chosen for a digital LHT collection of your choice.  :)  Btw, an Easter collection is coming soon. 

Inspiration projects from the

Little Hot Tamale Creative Squad

Gina Vingiani

Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall

Marietta Macasadia

I'm A Cool Mom

Virginia Villasenor

If you decide to play along this month, don*t forget to use #LHTsketch on your post because I want to see all of your awesome layouts.  I hope you have an amazing week!