OCTOBER DAILY...back to basics

Hello Lovelies!
The time is here, October first.  woot woot!  Do you know what that means?  One guess.  :)  Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!  No I*m just kidding, that*s old news.  It*s October Daily time. 
Ok you*re probably like, ummm...Meg, what is "October Daily?"  Well, it*s a creative outlet to document or express yourself during the month of October.  There are MANY platforms to partake in this fun activity.  I want to stress FUN, not a chore or something tedious added to your already busy life.  Some days may just have a quick blurb like:
"Today was such a hectic day, I had a ton of things to do before the football game against my towns biggest rival...The Tigers.  I did xyz, but it was so worth it.  The game was great (8,8) and the marching band played Iron Man."  --Meg
Other days may be a doodle on a napkin at a restaurant while you*re waiting for food.  A photo...maybe of said food or something that caught your eye that day.  How about a list, you know who I*m talking about, Listers Gotta List.  :)  If none of those strike your fancy, there are always journaling prompts.   

The origins of the...DAILY...

It all started way back with Ali Edwards who created a memory keeping album project to document every day leading up to December 25 called, "December Daily."  Her approach is all about the stories  from mundane daily things to something holiday related. 
So I thought it would be fun along with many other individuals to manifest an October Daily with a creative essence for the month of October.  Seriously who wouldn*t want that.  Fall and in some cases spring, are full of SO MANY activities and amazing stories.  :)

How to set up your October Daily

Well...there are no right or wrong ways to set it up.  Remember this is your creative outlet, don*t feel pressured to make something that makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  Evaluate what you enjoy to do, for example: writing, photography, listing, drawing, etc.  From there decide if you want an album, notebook, memory box, journal, etc. 
If you absolutely have NO IDEA how you want to set it up, I*d recommend keeping everything no larger than 8.5"x11" because it fits perfectly in a three ring binder.  You can punch holes in your pages to place in the binder or get clear protective sleeves that serve a dual purpose: a pocket and protection to memorable items.  This method is great because nothing is permanent.  Over the years you can keep adding to the same binder or transport them to a mega three ring binder.  How awesome would it be to look back over the years to see how your life evolved over the years.
Ok, since I love you guys to pieces, I want to give you FREE printables all month and October Daily inspiration.  Don*t forget to follow my social networks so you don*t miss any of the fun!  :)
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For starters, here are TWO styles-doodling and photography, for your daily crammed with ideas.  I decided to create the spread in checkmark form so you don*t feel obligated to move in numerical order, because I know I would, lol. 
If you have an instagam and are participating in October Daily, don*t forget to use #octoberdaily.  Tag me if you want too, I*d love to see it.  :)  @littlehottamale
Hopefully tonight I*ll have a new post up or a YouTube video up.  Hope you have a Fantastic Day!!!
Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall
Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall