October Daily Inspiration: Day 1 & 2, with free pdf printable

Hello Lovelies!
How was your day?  Mine was nice, just soaked up some fun fall activities with my mom.  Every year there is a Spoon River Drive/Scenic Drive the first two weekends of October where I live.  The turn out was crazy!  One area in particular the traffic was practically at a stand still.  So you know what I did, I jumped out of my mom*s stationary van and went to few yard sales next to the road, lol.  Fyi, my mom was driving and she stayed with her vehicle.  My BIG purchases were 45s (records) at 10cents a piece.  I thought they would be SO CUTE to decorate with because they remind me of my mom, when she was younger 45s were popular.  :) 


October Daily Inspiration: Day 1 & 2

Here is my first page of my October Daily.  I*m absolutely thrilled how cute it turned out.  I love how it has a cohesive look due to the overall color scheme and white background.  :)  The sheet protector is actually a trading card sleeve page that I found at Walmart in a pack of 10 in the office supplies section. 
This is a perfect example how you can create an album on a budget.  :)  Each card is a doodle that I painted and decorated with washi.  As for the numbers, they are also doodles.
I plan on creating a YouTube video on how to make each card in pen pal form with a free printable of each design in coloring book style.  I fully intended to have it in colored format, but the cream and tan areas were washed out and looked awful in digital form.  :(  Such a bummer. 

Free pdf Printable: coloring book style
of images pictured in trading card size
Journaling Prompts:
  • Highlights of your day
  • Current series you are watching
  • Favorite sweater
  • Favorite fall dish
  • Fall bucket list
Hope you guys have a fantastic day! 

Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall

Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall