Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sugar Skull FREE Stationery Printable

Hello Lovelies!
El Dia de Muertos is around the corner and I thought it would be nice to share the sugar skull stationery set I created.  :) 
I hope everyone has an amazing holiday with their family and friends celebrating the lives of their departed love ones.  <3 



Free Printable

Free Printable

Free Printable
Printing Recommendations: If for some reason your image doesn*t print the full sheet because of some techy reason, I*d recommend saving the image then opening it on paint.  The page setup is easier to manipulate on there...well at least for me, lol. 
Step by step on paint program.
1. Click "file" tab, Click "open" and find saved image
2.Click "file" tab, highlight print and move cursor to "page setup" and click
3. Size: Letter
    Source: Automatically Select
    Orientation: Portrait (vertical image)
    Margins(inches) Left: 0, Top: 0, Right: 0, Bottom: 0
    Centering: nothing needs to be checked
    Scaling: check "Fit to" 1 by 1 page
I hope that helps. 


  1. I really enjoy all of your creativity! I plant to use the sugar skulls in a flip book I am making for a pen pal. Thanks so much!

    1. Awww... Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) That is awesome you are going to use the sugar skulls for your flip book. <3 When you finish it you should post a picture of it on the Little Hot Tamale Facebook page. :) Here is the link if you want to:

      Hope you have a fantastic week.