Hello Lovelies!
Another nasty day in the states, cold and gloomy.  I don*t know about you, days like this cause me to feel lethargic.  Then I told myself, "NO it*s a mental thing, you*re perfectly fine."  Then my bf starts yawning... nice...  Just another thing to battle, lol.  But for real, I*m fine, a Frappuccino would be great though.
Anyway, reverting back to the topic I wanted to touch on...SCRAPBOOKING!  I could go on and on about it, but for now I thought I*d share a glimpse of some of my pastel layouts.  Awww... the memories, some great and some literally painful.  Take for example, the first layout.  My bf and I rocked our 1st outing, 2-3 hours worth of rocking.  Just a note, NEVER DO THAT ON YOUR FIRST OUTING, JUST DON*T DO IT!  Lets just say I felt the burn for almost a week, especially in my bum.  
For now, I*m going to leave you with my little story and noteworthy advice.  Hopefully some of my layouts inspire you.  Until next time, Hugs!