Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Diy Embellishments

Hello Lovelies!
 It*s time to share some wintertime love.  Go grab your favorite stamps, paper, and punches because we are going to create some snazzy handmade embellishments for all your crafty projects.  Don*t forget to make extra to share with friends.  :)

For my embellishments I wanted a vintage vibe so I chose the paper pad "Snow Day" by The Paper Studio.  I absolutely adore this paper pad, especially the fun prints that coordinate perfectly together.  The majority of my stamps for this project are wood mounted stamps that came in a bundle of 6 for $6.99 in the holiday crafting section of Hobby Lobby. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Passion Scrapbook Layout

Hello Lovelies!
Today*s layout is of my talented boyfriend practicing his mad soccer skills.  I wanted to be able to display several fun action shots with a 4x6 focal photo.  To achieve this I divided my layout in half by staggering smaller photos in a line on top and my dominant photo on the bottom.  This allows your  eye to move easily around the layout. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pen Pal Polar Bear Flipbook Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
My first winter mail flipbook tutorial is finally here, yay!  I absolutely love it, especially the adorable hand painted polar bear on the cover.  :)  My YouTube tutorial is easy to follow and has a free template to create a fun unique flipbook that your pen pal will adore.  :)
I hope you enjoy it!

Free Template Printable:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby, It*s Cold Outside FREE Stationery

Hello Lovelies!
Today I felt the urge to create a fun girly pen pal kit for the holiday season.  I know it*s only November, but I*m blasting Christmas music at the moment, lol.  Just thought you would like to know that.  :p  
When I think of the wintertime I imagine cocoa, mittens, snow, and candy canes.  So of course I had to create something special to capture the winter essence.  My stationery, "Baby, It*s Cold Outside" is hand painted by me in my favorite colors and named after one of my fave Christmas songs. 
I hope you enjoy my FREE Stationery Printable. 
Don*t forget to checkout my YouTube Channel: "Little Hot Tamale," for pen pal tutorials.  My winter series should be up soon.  :) 
I*ll give you a clue for one.  Listen to "Linus and Lucy"-Vince Guaraldi. 
"Baby, It*s Cold Outside"
FREE printable

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sugar Skull FREE Stationery Printable

Hello Lovelies!
El Dia de Muertos is around the corner and I thought it would be nice to share the sugar skull stationery set I created.  :) 
I hope everyone has an amazing holiday with their family and friends celebrating the lives of their departed love ones.  <3 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Pocket Letter with Tim Holtz Ephemera

Hello Lovelies!
Because it*s almost Halloween I thought it would be fun to share my not so spooky Halloween Pocket Letter that I created for Aideen on YouTube.  I absolutely loved how it turned out.  <3  My pocket letter is adorned with vintage Halloween ephemera  from Tim Holtz with Recollection paper for the background. 
I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying the fall weather!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Pen Pal Pocket Letter Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
Next week is Halloween!  I absolutely can*t believe it.  Don*t fret, there is still time to send out fall and spooky mail.  :)  This season I created my first pocket letters.  Overall, I thought it was fun to try something new, but it*s not my favorite style of creative snailmail.  I love the concept of having all my mail displayed in a pretty binder, however I feel too confined for such small pockets.  I also tend to write long letters causing a lot of bulk in the pockets. 

With all that said, I will most likely create more in the future; it just won*t be my go to style.  :)  Here is my fall theme pocket letter.  All the designs on the front are designed by me and I have a free coloring printable, perfect to customize to your preference.  I also created a step by step video tutorial how to draw each card, writing prompts, and goodie ideas to send your pen pal.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Daily with Free Donut Printable

Hello Lovelies!
How is your October going?  Mine is zipping by, but has been fantastic.  :)
Today I wanted to share my third and forth day of my October Daily.  If you want to play along too, I created a FREE printable that you can color and customize. 
Hope you have an amazing day!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Daily Inspiration: Day 1 & 2, with free pdf printable

Hello Lovelies!
How was your day?  Mine was nice, just soaked up some fun fall activities with my mom.  Every year there is a Spoon River Drive/Scenic Drive the first two weekends of October where I live.  The turn out was crazy!  One area in particular the traffic was practically at a stand still.  So you know what I did, I jumped out of my mom*s stationary van and went to few yard sales next to the road, lol.  Fyi, my mom was driving and she stayed with her vehicle.  My BIG purchases were 45s (records) at 10cents a piece.  I thought they would be SO CUTE to decorate with because they remind me of my mom, when she was younger 45s were popular.  :) 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Daily Supplies for an Easy Album

OCTOBER DAILY...back to basics

Hello Lovelies!
The time is here, October first.  woot woot!  Do you know what that means?  One guess.  :)  Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!  No I*m just kidding, that*s old news.  It*s October Daily time. 
Ok you*re probably like, ummm...Meg, what is "October Daily?"  Well, it*s a creative outlet to document or express yourself during the month of October.  There are MANY platforms to partake in this fun activity.  I want to stress FUN, not a chore or something tedious added to your already busy life.  Some days may just have a quick blurb like:
"Today was such a hectic day, I had a ton of things to do before the football game against my towns biggest rival...The Tigers.  I did xyz, but it was so worth it.  The game was great (8,8) and the marching band played Iron Man."  --Meg
Other days may be a doodle on a napkin at a restaurant while you*re waiting for food.  A photo...maybe of said food or something that caught your eye that day.  How about a list, you know who I*m talking about, Listers Gotta List.  :)  If none of those strike your fancy, there are always journaling prompts.   

The origins of the...DAILY...

It all started way back with Ali Edwards who created a memory keeping album project to document every day leading up to December 25 called, "December Daily."  Her approach is all about the stories  from mundane daily things to something holiday related. 
So I thought it would be fun along with many other individuals to manifest an October Daily with a creative essence for the month of October.  Seriously who wouldn*t want that.  Fall and in some cases spring, are full of SO MANY activities and amazing stories.  :)

How to set up your October Daily

Well...there are no right or wrong ways to set it up.  Remember this is your creative outlet, don*t feel pressured to make something that makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  Evaluate what you enjoy to do, for example: writing, photography, listing, drawing, etc.  From there decide if you want an album, notebook, memory box, journal, etc. 
If you absolutely have NO IDEA how you want to set it up, I*d recommend keeping everything no larger than 8.5"x11" because it fits perfectly in a three ring binder.  You can punch holes in your pages to place in the binder or get clear protective sleeves that serve a dual purpose: a pocket and protection to memorable items.  This method is great because nothing is permanent.  Over the years you can keep adding to the same binder or transport them to a mega three ring binder.  How awesome would it be to look back over the years to see how your life evolved over the years.
Ok, since I love you guys to pieces, I want to give you FREE printables all month and October Daily inspiration.  Don*t forget to follow my social networks so you don*t miss any of the fun!  :)
Instagram: @littlehottamale
For starters, here are TWO styles-doodling and photography, for your daily crammed with ideas.  I decided to create the spread in checkmark form so you don*t feel obligated to move in numerical order, because I know I would, lol. 
If you have an instagam and are participating in October Daily, don*t forget to use #octoberdaily.  Tag me if you want too, I*d love to see it.  :)  @littlehottamale
Hopefully tonight I*ll have a new post up or a YouTube video up.  Hope you have a Fantastic Day!!!
Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall
Little Hot Tamale
Megan A. Marshall


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Can You Believe it?

Hello Lovelies!!!!
Can you believe it, tomorrow is the first day of October...say what!?  lol  Honestly I can*t believe it, just the other day my town celebrated their fall homecoming.  Crazy, I know. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Halloween Mail Inspiration- Mr. Skeleton

Hello Lovelies!
Fall is officially here.  I don*t know about you guys, but I have a love hate relationship with this time of year.  I absolutely adore all the activities and colors that accompany this season.  Then "POOF" one day all the beautiful leaves are dead on the ground and it*s SO COLD!  
However I*m going to be positive and embrace the now.  :)  So I thought it would be fun to share one of my first fall letters of the season.  :)  I call this one Mr.Skeleton, lol yes I name my mail...sometimes.  Stop judging, if people can name their cars I can name my mail. hehe 
Ok... I was inspired by vintage Halloween decorations, one of my all time favorite decorations by the way.  I used a few die cuts from the Tim Holtz ephemera pack from this year.  Just to let you know, I also created this with a combination of two of my tutorials on youtube.  So here are the links if you want to try it too.  :)  
#1 Pen Pal Tutorial: https://youtu.be/-tqAca34gGc
#2 Pen Pal Tutorial: https://youtu.be/aLlasQtpafE
Little Hot Tamale- Mr. Skeleton

Friday, August 28, 2015

Birthday Boy, Let's Get Sketchy Challenge

Hello Lovelies!
How is everyone this morning? It is a little gloomy here, hopefully the sunshine will pop out later. :) Today I wanted to share my layout for Let's Get Sketchy. The sketch this week by Laetitia was such a fun one to work with. This week I stayed clear from color shine and tried white acrylic paint splatters. It turned out great, but I never imagined how messy tapping a paint brush could be. Once I realized little splatters were going everywhere my mind went into panic mode, need to check my filming camera. Everything a ok. :) lol
The paper line I used was Good Day Sunshine by Simple Stories, one of my favorite summer lines. I also thought the paper worked perfect for my colorful party photo. After viewing Laetitia sketch I knew I wanted to add a page full of doodles that represented the day. :) If you haven*t tried this on a layout you definitely should, very therapeutic.
Overall I really enjoyed working on this layout, especially since it got me out of my cycle of using white cardstock as my background, lol.
  Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Thank you Let*s Get Sketchy for posting weekly challenges and leaving wonderful comments. Such a great group of talented individuals. http://letsgetsketchy.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trouble Maker, My Scraps & More Sketches Challenge

Hello Lovelies!
The end of August is approaching quickly and that means two things: finish scrapbook layouts for challenges and it*s almost time for festivals, yay!  I live in a small community and all the nearby towns have celebrations throughout September and October, lots of fun. 
Anyway, back to the challenges.  I participated in "My Scraps & More Sketches" challenge this month, my first time ever just to let you know.  They have amazing sketches to work from and beautiful inspiration layouts.  The sketch I used was #111 by Audrey Yeager. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

White...with 1

 Hello Lovelies!
The other day I found a really cool blog, White...with 1.  They host monthly challenges based on a color and you guessed it...white.  Honestly I*ve never created a layout with just two colors.  Let me tell you, such a cool result.  The color for August is "custard."  Immediately I knew what picture was going to be my focal point-me poising in front of an antique car I absolutely adored.  Besides my photo I had to dig through my stash for anything custard.  Let*s get real, at the time I thought it was yellow, evidently I can*t read lol.  Anyway, my "custard" supply is very limited.  So I got creative-punched a custard doily, made a few custard flowers, found some cute cut aparts from a Crate Paper paper pad, and brads...yes brads.  :)
I love how it turned out.  If you are into scrapbooking definitely check this blog out, so much great inspiration.  The new challenge should be starting soon.  I can*t believe August is almost over, just crazy. FYI, keep a lookout on my YouTube channel, I should have a process video for this layout very soon.  :)
Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Autumn Scrapbook Process Video

Hello Lovelies!
Oh my goodness, I*m so excited to share my autumn scrapbook layout for the Let*s Get Sketchy challenge.  :)  I had a ton of fun trying new techniques and working from the wonderful sketch by Bev Code.  It took me about 2 hours over a few days to complete it, but it was so worth it because it is one of my favorites.  There is a lot going on- gold circle stitching, water color, modeling paste, fussy cutting ghosts and pumpkins, color shine splatters, stamping and paper layering.  


Saturday, August 15, 2015

All About the Cake

Hello Lovelies!
Eek... I*m so excited to share this layout that I created for The Paper Girls Challenge.  The only requirement was to use "large letters."  Of course I didn*t have any in my stash, so I had to get creative.  I wanted to achieve letters that resembled piped icing for my cake layout.  The only two options I could think of were modeling paste and hot glue.  The latter option was the one I choose because lets get real, modeling paste is expensive and I didn*t want to waste a drop of it.  lol  Overall the hot glue worked great.  All I did was free hand some letters on scrap paper, placed it under wax paper, and traced the lines with my glue gun.  EASY PEASY!  The only draw backs are that the wax paper kind of sticks to the letters underneath and the letters take a few coats of paint.  If I used gesso as a primer it would of eliminated some of the coats. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Deck the Halls!

Hello Lovelies!
Eek, I can*t believe it is already August!  What happened to June and July?  lol  To get you in the festive mood of months to come, here is a cute Christmas layout I created using the fun sketch by Brenshevia from Lets Get Sketchy.  <3
The majority of my layout I used Crate Paper, one of my all time favorites.  The music notes are from a variety pack of confetti from Hobby Lobby in the seasonal department.
Oh!!!!! I*m so excited.  The other day I bought some modeling paste and a new stencil.  I absolutely can*t wait to start playing with it.  Yay!  Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for new scrapbook process videos.  :) 
Hope you have an amazing day!
Let's Get Sketchy

Friday, July 24, 2015

Scrapbook Layouts and DT Call

Hello Lovelies!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  :)  Honestly, I can*t believe we are at the end of July, but don*t fret, there is still plenty of time to soak up the sun and get creative.  If scrapbooking is your jam, definitely checkout http://letsgetsketchy.blogspot.com/  I just discovered this lovely group of talented scrappers.  If you hurry, they are having a design team call through July 24,2015.  For more details just click on the link.  :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pen Pal Letter Tutorial Donut Theme

Hello Lovelies!
Prepare your taste buds for this sweet pen pal tutorial full of delicious donuts.  :)  I*m craving one right now, lol.  This tutorial is super easy and practically mess free.  YAY!!!  Get your paper and colored pencils ready and lets get creative with this donut theme mail.
Don*t forget to checkout the free pdfs mentioned in the video, they are listed down below.  Hope everyone has an amazing day!
If you have a chance please checkout my YouTube channel
and... maybe subscribe  :)

FREE pdfs
Donut Stationery

Donut Project Life Cards

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pen Pal Letter Tutorial


Hello Lovelies!!! 
I totally forgot to share this fun and easy tutorial for snail mail using project life cards.  As an added bonus I created two free pdfs for a mini envelope and a coin envelope.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial.  If you create one, I*d love to see it.  Tag me on instagram: littlehottamalemail 

 coin envelope.


 mini envelope.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scrapbook Process Video #1, Kiss the Cook

Hello Lovelies!!!

Guess what?  I finally posted my FIRST scrapbook process video to my YouTube channel: Little Hot Tamale  Yay!  Overall I love how the layout turned out, it*s simple but cute.  <3 All the supplies I used are from Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Hope you enjoyed it. 

Please leave a comment about your favorite scrapbook supplies.  :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Nothing Beats a Giant Pink Camera

Hello Lovelies!

Today has been such a beautiful day filled with sunshine and productivity.  Yay!  I*m so excited that I finally decided to start this painting, its only been 6 months since I wanted to paint it, lol.  It*s a little in your face and bold, but that*s what I love about it so far.  Just to let you know I*m a novice when it comes to painting.  I know the shading and dimensions are off, but I*m perfectly fine with that.  When it*s done I*m going to proudly display my giant pink camera in my kitchen.  :)

I*m determined to finish this baby!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easy Flower Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!  I*m back with one of my favorite handmade embellishments, flowers.  They are so easy and fun to create.  All you need is paper, glue gun, and a flower punch with defined petals. 
My punch is made by fiskars.  I choose the smallest punch version because I wanted tiny flowers.  I think I paid around $5 for my punch.  Hobby Lobby, JoAnn-Fabric, and Michaels have a great selection of punches varying in price.  Don*t forget to use a coupon from their website at checkout.  :) 
Flower embellishments are perfect addition to your crafty arsenal.  I enjoy adding them to scrapbook layouts and pen pal letters.  Get creative with your flowers.  Try using patterned paper, ink the edges of the petals, or add glitter for variation.  Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  Until next time, Hugs!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello Lovelies!
Another nasty day in the states, cold and gloomy.  I don*t know about you, days like this cause me to feel lethargic.  Then I told myself, "NO it*s a mental thing, you*re perfectly fine."  Then my bf starts yawning... nice...  Just another thing to battle, lol.  But for real, I*m fine, a Frappuccino would be great though.
Anyway, reverting back to the topic I wanted to touch on...SCRAPBOOKING!  I could go on and on about it, but for now I thought I*d share a glimpse of some of my pastel layouts.  Awww... the memories, some great and some literally painful.  Take for example, the first layout.  My bf and I rocked our 1st outing, 2-3 hours worth of rocking.  Just a note, NEVER DO THAT ON YOUR FIRST OUTING, JUST DON*T DO IT!  Lets just say I felt the burn for almost a week, especially in my bum.  
For now, I*m going to leave you with my little story and noteworthy advice.  Hopefully some of my layouts inspire you.  Until next time, Hugs!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cotton Candy Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
Wanted to share this crafty creation perfect for invitations, decorations, parties, and snail mail.  It is totally up to you, the possibilities are endless.  I used this tutorial for an embellishment for my summer themed pen pal letter and added a little message to the backside.  Please leave a comment, I always enjoy reading them. 
Hello Lovelies!

Today is such a gloomy day where I live.  Rain, rain, and more rain. boo...  I don*t mind a little sprinkle, but it*s pretty bad when you have to turn on a light during the day because of the lack of sunshine.  To brighten my day and maybe yours, I decided to share my summer theme letter I just finished to one of my sweet pen pals across the world.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  This baby is packed full of character and goodies, just the way I like it.  :) 

The majority of this pen pal book is created from one of my all time favorite paper lines: Good Day Sunshine by Simple Stories.  The best part of this paper pad is that Hobby Lobby carries it.  Yay!  It retails at $19.99,  don*t forget the weekly 40% coupon.  The grand total: $12 plus tax.  I think that*s an amazing price for such versatile paper.  Oh... by the way... Hobby Lobby has new washi tape in.  I picked up the cutest deer silhouette and gold foil triangle washi.  LOVE Love love...

I got a little side tracked, washi will do that to a person, lol.  Anyway, this is my pen pal letter in all its glory.  If you would like to know how I made it step by step, I*m in the process of editing a tutorial for my youtube channel.  I would love for you to check it out.  :)   Thank you for stopping, please leave a comment I enjoy reading them. 

Hugs, Meg!

p.1 with a side pocket, p.2 mini hello flip card

p.3 scalloped edge, p.4 pop corn bag filled with goodies
DIY cotton candy embellishment (tutorial on my youtube channel) p.5 flip up card